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Look up and see the clean ceiling. That is the tangible evidence that Ceiling Pro of the Carolinas, a ceiling cleaning company in Charlotte, North Carolina, has cleaned the ceiling of that restaurant, car dealership, hotel or other business you are visiting.

Commercial Cleaning Company: Charlotte, NC

Clean Restaurant Ceiling - Ceiling Cleaning Company Charlotte, NC

Sure, it is easy to clean floors. They just do not require the challenges of ceilings, not only in equipment, but also in the varieties of materials used. These materials require special types of products from a ceiling cleaning company.


Charlotte, NC Cleaning Company

We are a cleaning company that specializes in cleaning the ceilings of businesses, offices and factories. Overhead, you notice the shiny stainless steel in a restaurant, the sanitary condition of a hospital and the spotless acoustic ceiling of a high-rise office building. We do this work with dedication, pride and professionalism.

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Ceiling Cleaning Business:  Charlotte, NC

Our professionals know the secrets of ceiling cleaning. We even have our own special products to do the job right. Our crew and special products remove grease, soil, odors, grime from vinyl, tile, stucco, stone and acoustic ceilings in Charlotte, North Carolina. Count on us to clean almost everything on the ceiling from light fixtures to fans to vents. We do walls upon request.


Ceiling Cleaning Vs. Painting: Charlotte, NC

Many people ask us if it would be easier and cheaper just to paint the ceiling. Our answer is a resounding, "No!" Actually, we recommend you never paint ceiling tiles, because it destroys fire-retardant properties, ruins the acoustics, and covers up grime, dirt and germs. It does not remove them. Different considerations apply to replacing, instead of cleaning, ceilings. When the ceiling is falling down, it is time to replace it. If not, it is time for a good cleaning, just what our ceiling cleaning company provides.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation demonstration and estimate from our ceiling cleaning specialists. We proudly serve Charlotte,
Gastonia, Concord, Cornelius, Matthews, Statesville, Mooresville and Monroe, North Carolina, as well as Rock Hill and Fort Mill, SC.